Module 2

Claims management and dispute prevention/ resolution under the FIDIC Conditions of Contract

Delegates to this course should have a basic knowledge of the FIDIC Conditions of Contract, and a seeking to improve & enhance their contractual skills.

The training includes:

  • Risk management theory
  • Risk allocation in FIDIC contracts
  • Claim causes
  • Claims procedures under FIDIC 1999 and 2017 editions
  • Timelines and time bars
  • Impact of the legislation
  • Determination of entitlements for EOT and quantum
  • Evidence/ records
  • Delay damages in contract and at law
  • Delay analysis methodologies
  • Case law
  • When the disagreement escalates into a dispute
  • Alternative dispute resolution methods
  • Dispute Boards – appointment and procedures
  • Amicable settlement
  • Arbitration

Focus and acquired skills:

The goal of this training course is to train the participants in writing and assessment of claims, reaching agreements, preventing and resolving disputes.

Resolving practical issues, the participants will be trained to:

  • Write claim notices;
  • Follow the FIDIC timelines and procedures, using case law in resolving disputes;
  • Analyse the delay events and responsibilities;
  • Assess the entitlement to EOT and prolongation costs;
  • Quantify claims for compensation and damages;
  • Prepare and check the evidence for the claims;
  • Use dispute prevention techniques;
  • Know the ADR procedures.


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