Module 4

Management and administration of FIDIC contracts

Delegates to this course should have a basic knowledge of the FIDIC Conditions of Contract, and a seeking to improve & enhance their contractual skills.

The training includes:

  1. Introduction to FIDIC contracts
  2. Procurement management. Tender documents for construction and design-build.
  3. Start of the implementation of FIDIC contract under the relevant legislation
  4. Financial control
  5. Ongoing supervision
  6. Taking over per FIDIC and permit to use at law
  7. FIDIC Defects Notification Period and warranty periods at law
  8. Completion of contract
  9. Suspension and termination
  10. Claims management and dispute prevention/ resolution

Focus and acquired skills:

The goal of this course to train the participants to manage and administer the contracts, following the FIDIC procedures. The participants will learn how to comply with the requirements of FIDIC and the law for contract documentation, without red tape. They will understand how in practice they can manage and administer FIDIC contracts, using the company Integrated QESM System in compliance with the ISO standards.

The participants will be trained to:

  • Prepare a calendar and procedures/ instructions for contract administration;
  • Write notices and letters;
  • Write reports, keep and archive records;
  • Chair project meetings, draft and distribute MoM;
  • Fill in daily reports/ Site Diaries;
  • Merge FIDIC quality documents with those mandatory at law;
  • Prepare, update and track the SC 8.3 Programme and Payment Schedule;
  • Assess the progress besides tracking the SC 8.3 Programme, using the ISO 21508:2018 Earned Value Management method;
  • Prepare Statements and Payment Certificates for measurement and lump-sum contracts.
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