EQE Control performs the following Mission: Performing consulting services to support its Clients to develop and commission successfully their Projects within the time limit and the budget observing the principles of sustainable development.

EQE Control policy is to provide quality services supporting our mission and meeting the individual and general interests of our Clients as well as society’s needs as a whole observing all requirements of the ABS Anti-Corruption Compliance Manual, ABS Code of Ethical Business Conduct and FIDIC Code of Ethics.

We are engaged to work consequently in compliance with the applicable legislation and regulations in the field of health and safety at work, environmental protection and to provide our services in compliance with the international standards elaborated for prevention, reduction or control of personal injuries and lives as well as contamination of environment.

EQE Control is subject to definite risks having influence on our ability to operate, exercise services to our clients and to protect our assets. They include risks for the employees, responsibilities to other parties and risks for the society. Control on such risks based on official program is necessary for the prosperity of the Company as well as of all employees. The services provided by the Company, safety at work and other advantages depend mainly on our ability to control the risks.

The Management has the final responsibility to control the risks. The control includes taking decisions regarding which risks are acceptable and how to address the ones that are not acceptable. Some decisions may be taken only by the participation of employees because each of us understands the risks related to the tasks we perform in the best way within the company. Each of them is responsible to detect all risks he became aware of. Furthermore, everyone is encouraged to propose methods to work in a safer way. As Management we are engaged to review in details the proposals given by everyone and to undertake adequate measures to manage the risks. Accidents and/or other situations related to losses shall be investigated as part of the efforts to manage the risks.The results of each employee shall be evaluated also on the grounds of his compliance with the present Policy.

The management body has established conditions for strict observation of the requirements of the Integrated Quality Management System, environmental management, occupational health and safety and risk management in the company and that constant improvement of Integrated Quality Management System is made the basic priority for the company.