Module 1A

Advanced training – FIDIC Red and Yellow Book

88 Important Questions plus training in FIDIC communications

Delegates to this course should have a basic knowledge of the 1999 FIDIC Contract Conditions, and a seeking to improve & enhance their contractual skills.

The training includes

Discussion of 88 issues arising in the following scenario:

The Ministry of Optimism in a pessimistic Eastern European country decides to use a MDB credit line from the “Life Improvement” Programme to finance the “Happiness” Wellness & Spa Hotel***** on the seaside. In order to improve the site and create more attractions, the future Employer has to launch tenders for design and construction of two additional projects: “Coast Protection” and “36 km Attraction Railway”, connecting the hotel to the existing cities and resorts on the coast.

Different issues arise under the scenario, inspired from real cases in the region, related to the main Clauses of the FIDIC 1999 Red Book «Conditions of Contract for Construction», the MDB Harmonised Edition 2006 and the 1999 Yellow Book «Conditions of Contract for Plant and Design-Build».


The goal of the course is not only to analyse the issues and solve the problems, but to train the participants to interpret the contract provisions and follow the FIDIC procedures.

Besides the discussion of the issues, the participants shall be trained in:

  • Writing letters and notices – the materials contain samples, related to the most important communications;
  • Writing reports and records;
  • Preparation and tracking of the Programme per Clause 8.3.


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