Future Leaders Council

The FIDIC Future Leaders is the group of young professionals of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC). It was formed in 2004 with the intention of providing FLs with the opportunity to participate actively in FIDIC with their peers and to develop the next generation of consulting engineering industry leaders. As a leadership committee, the Future Leaders Council (FLC) was formed to develop communication and networking opportunities for all FLs involved in the FIDIC community

Vision: To promote and empower FLs within the FIDIC Community to participate effectively in shaping the future of the Consulting Engineering Industry

Mission: To provide FLs with a platform to influence the strategies, policies and initiatives of FIDIC and society, by promoting the active participation in FLC to all Member Associations (MAs) of FIDIC, through a variety of initiatives and activities such as forums, events, webinars and communication channels

Тhe deputy managing director of EQE Control – Lyubomir Petrov has a significant role in the organization activities. He is the only Bulgarian representative in the FIDIC Future leaders Steering committee and holds the position of Regional Representative for Europe. In 2018 at the international infrastructure conference in Berlin he was nominated as the Chair of EFCA Young professionals Steering committee holding the position till the end of 2020