Europa Tower – High-rise building with offices and apartment hotel, panoramic bar, panoramic lounge, underground garages and substation


The Europe Tower Sofia concept presents the new construction of a high-rise building comprising of offices, an apartment hotel, a panorama bar and restaurant, an underground car park. It is situated on a piece of land, which is part of the former Balkancar complex in the Krasno selo District of Sofia. The plot area is 6,005 sq.m and is part of an urbanized, built-up area of the former Balkancar (Sredets) complex. The high-rise building (47 floors), which was designed to be constructed on the site of this industrial zone was planned to comprise of a built-up (ground floor) area of 1470 sq.m and the total overground floor area covers 43 floors, with a total area of 64,000 sq.m. The total floor area of the underground levels covers 3 underground (basement) levels with a total area of approximately 16,000 sq.m. The total floor area including the basements (underground) is thus 80,000 sq.m, spread over 43 overground levels, a roof and three underground levels. The construction of a underground car park for approximately 200 cars on all three underground levels was also envisaged.

The design for the EUROPE TOWER SOFIA planned a tower height of 177,3 m. The first Construction Permit for a skyscraper in Bulgaria was issued for the project Europe Tower

Europe Tower Sofia OOD


Technical Control of the Design, part Structural
Design Conformity Assessment of the Basic and Technical Design Documents as per Art. 142 (5) of SDA